Wheel Press Gage

  • Simple to use
  • No messy pens to replace
  • No special paper to buy
  • Print on standard 8-1/2 x 11 copy paper or receipt paper
  • Automatically detects high and low tonnage misfits
  • Easy to install
  • Simple calibration

The Wheel Press Gage is a cost effective replacement for existing paper chart wheel press recorders such as the Ashton Gage. The Wheel Press Gage has a modern touch screen interface and a conventional printer. It generates mounting diagrams like those produced by the strip chart gages but eliminates messy pens and special paper. The Wheel Press Gage can also use any Windows compatible printer to print on 8 X 11 paper.

Unlike the WPR and UPR, the Wheel Press Gage does not offer search capabilities and has limited data storage. Each chart is printed when the component is pressed.

The Wheel Press Gage (WPG) was developed to meet the needs of small shops or low volume shops. It does not provide the storage of the Wheel Press Recorder or Universal Press Recorder or the query capability. The Wheel Press Gage is a cost effective replacement for the ubiquitous Ashton Gage and Honeywell™ recorders.

The Wheel Press Gage records mounting diagrams per the AAR requirements. It automatically detects high and low tonnage misfits and displays misfits on the printout and on the screen. Serial numbers can be scanned using an optional barcode scanner or manually entered via an easy to use touch screen. The Wheel Press Gage stores up to 200 mounting diagrams. This allows you to continue to mount components in the event you run out of paper and to reprint charts.

The Wheel Press Gage uses the same rugged, industrial position and distance sensors used by the Wheel Press Recorder and Universal Press Recorder.

Download the Wheel Press Gage brochure at this link.

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