Universal Press Recorder

The Universal Press Recorder (UPR) is a computerized system for recording pressure while mounting train wheels, axles, gears, and disc

The UPR was developed to meet the needs of locomotive and transit wheel shops. The UPR can record mounting diagrams for wheels, bearings, gears, gear boxes, discs and anything else you put on an axle that produces a pressure chart. The UPR mimics the Ashton or Honeywell™ data recording gauges as far as the mounting diagrams are concerned but allows the quick recall of mounting diagrams and the production of reports for multiple assemblies.A Bearing Spike Control function is available. Spike Control allows the operator to enter a seat distance and maximum spike height when mounting wheels. The associated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) then controls the press to produce the desired mount

The UPR has the same features as the Wheel Press Recorder (WPR) as well as the ability to build a database of specific assembly types. The UPR can associate the components that you mount on the axle with each other — even when the components are assembled days later. You can also mount different components on separate presses. For example, you can mount gears in one press and wheels in another.

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