Axle Inspection Station

Our Axle Inspection Station captures information about loose and mounted axles when they first come into your shop. The non-conformance items are identified and recorded.

At this station, a barcode is applied to the axle face and associated with the data collected. So for all stations downstrem of this station, all that is needed to retreive this information is a simple scan of the barcode.

Collects reasons for non-conformance

Collect data for the Axle Serial Numbers (Great for New Car Manufacturers)

Data Collected

  • Wheel Seat Diameter
  • Bearing Journal Diameters
  • Fillet and dust Guard
  • U-Dimension
  • Wear ring grove
  • UT maximum loss location
  • more...

Pass / Fail Indication

  • Nicks, gouges, and scrattches
  • Magnetic partical
  • UT
  • U-Dimension
  • more...

Compatible with all CEPM 2D barcode labels and AIC WIP labels

End user configuration of required fields to accommodate changes in the AAR specification

Verifies axle is good before allowing data to be saved

Downtime Tracking

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