Comprehensive Equipment Performance Monitoring


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Wheel Shop Management Suite Solutions and Services

AIC provides solutions for all current and future phases of CEPM. From association registration to Component ID labels.

Contact AIC for pre-printed CEPM Wheelset Component ID Labels.

AIC has products to fully implement the CEPM Requirements for Wheelset registration. All products are able to read the CEPM 2D Barcodes for data entry.

Turn Tracking
Allows entry of CEPM data for a turned wheelset along with production information . Communicates with some Tread Lathes for automatic data entry.

Wheel Press Recorder
Records CEPM wheel information in addition to electronic recording and storage of mounting charts.

Bearing Tracking
Associates bearings with a wheel set and records CEPM data for the bearings. Reads all 2D Barcode formats.

Outbound Tracking
Tracks shipping information for the wheelset using a wireless handheld computer. Generates a trigger to register the wheelset with Railinc.

Wheelset Registration Service
Automatically registers wheelsets with Railinc when the wheelset is completed or when shipped. Tracks missing and invalid registration.

2D Component Label Printing
Print 2D CEPM compliant component labels for bearings and axles

Railcar Component Association
Car Manager transmits wheel set application information to Railinc. Sends Car Number, wheel set Component ID, wheel set location on the car and company performing the application. Also associates, sideframes, bolsters and couplers.


Can I use my existing Wheel Press Recorder?
Yes! The latest version Wheel Press Recorder for Freight Cars and version 5.x of the Wheel Shop Management Suite is CEPM ready. If you are still using version 4.x, you must upgrade.

Will the Wheel Press Recorder work with 2D barcodes?
Yes!. Version 5 of the WPR understands all 2D barcodes and reads the new CEPM required data. It also makes sure that all CEPM required data is entered before saving the wheelset.

Will the Wheel Press Gauge work with CEPM?
No. If  you purchase our Final Inspection Station you  will be able to scan all of the barcodes on a wheel set in one location and register the wheelset with our Registration Server. It does not integrate with the WPG so you must continue to use your WPG's paper charts.

How do I print the CEPM labels?
There is no need to print CEPM labels. You can use pre-printed labels that are serialized. Just apply one to each component and register that component ID number with that component. If you are a reconditioner or a new component supplier, our Print Shop will print your CEPM labels.

How do I print the Castings 2D Barcode Labels?
There is no 2D label for castings. The castings committe decided that the only label required woudl be the 1D Component ID label like that for the Wheelset. If you make or recondition castings, you will be required to register the casting component with Railinc and apply a CID label. These are typically pre-printed.

If you are a castings reconditioner, you will be required to apply a 1D Component label.

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