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AIC, Inc. was established in 1993. AIC is a specialist in Industrial Automation and Systems Integration. We work with large and small companies to control, measure and automate their manufacturing processes. We design, build, install and support automation systems that help make our clients' operations more efficient and more cost-effective.

We have designed our Wheel Shop Management Suite to aide various wheel shops in mounting assemblies. These systems include the Automated Wheel Press Recorder, the Universal Press Recorder and other various data collection systems that stand alone as well as integrate with our recorders.

AIC's broad range of experience includes statistical process control, automated test equipment, material handling, product tracking, warehouse storage and retrieval, machine vision and much more. AIC offers integrated computer hardware and software solutions that will save your company time and money, while helping you consistently produce a better quality product. Visit our website www.AIComputing.com or view the printable brochure to learn more about our capabilities.

Regardless of your current automation status, our system enhancements can improve your shop's performance. Call today to find out how you can benefit by utilizing our systems.

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