Release Notes – Wheel Press RecorderTM - Version 5.5.23


    REVISION:   5.5.23

    DATE:       11/13/14

Bug Fix - If a barcode was scanned while pressing a wheel, the word MISFIT would showon the chart with a type of "Low Distance". After the press if clears.

Enhancement - Changed registry Support string to GetSupport for consistency with other AIC applications.


    REVISION:   5.5.22

    DATE:       12/5/13

Bug Fix - Fixed logging to show WHEEL BARCODE instead of AXLE BARCODE in the error messages for the wheel barcode. This only affects logging.

Bug Fix - Fixed logging for misfit 17 to "Drop occurs after min tonnage reached". It was logging "Min Force Not Reached".

Feature - Added support button to logout page.

Enhancement - Check for existing axle class before creating the axle. This prevents having two axles with the same class.


    REVISION:   5.5.21

    DATE:       10/8/13

Bug Fix - When scanning an axle WIP barcode the axle size and configuration were not getting populated.

Bug Fix - Turn Serial Number boxes on the press screen red when they are the same value. Only affects manual entry.


    REVISION:   5.5.20

    DATE:       8/27/13

        Bug Fix – Axle SN was not always being displayed when loading axle by scanning WIP ID

        Bug Fix – Axle Heat Grade, FacilityCode, and AARType were trying to save the description that appears in the dropdown list, rather than the value associated with that description.

Feature – When the axle configuration is changed from the history screen the templates are re-drawn and all misfit detections are re-checked to determine if the change would cause either wheel to be a misfit.


    REVISION:   5.5.19

    DATE:       7/29/13

        Bug Fix – Axle.LoadFromWIP didn’t return “not found” when the WIP is blank

        Bug Fix – When the Compoonent ID was scanned, the wrong method was being called.



    REVISION:   5.5.18

    DATE:       7/25/13

Bug Fix - If the WIP tag was scanned and it was a duplicate, the WPR would not create a new axle record. Instead it would attach the new wheel mounts to the old axle.                 If the wheelset was a misfit then the wheelset would appear to be missing                   because it didn't have an axle.

Bug Fix - If Boring Mill Operator had a ' or " in the string, the wheelset wouldn't save. Also added filtering to the wheelset comment field for bad "SQL characters".

Bug Fix - Added a check to AxleClass.LoadFromWIPID so that if Axle WIPID is white space or empty string, we don't try to load axle from database.


REVISION:   5.5.17

         DATE:       3/21/13

Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where Axle WheelsetID field was not being saved when mounting an axle entered at Axle Inspection.

Bug Fix - Fixed a bug preventing an axle from being searched for using WIPID.  Any axles that were not scrap where being treated as if they didn’t exist.

Bug Fix - Fixed a bug with Axle HeatGrade where the text was being colored white even when the field was not required which made it impossible to see the value because the background was also white.


    REVISION:   5.5.16

    DATE:       3/12/13

Bug Fix - When wheels are mismatched, all of the fields were not being assigned.

Bug Fix - Offline journal diameter and length were not working.

Feature - Added duplicate wheel detection for manufacturers that reuse serial                  numbers for each wheel size.

Feature - Added ability to retreive an exiting axle form inventory and populate                   the axle fields by scanning an axle WIP tag.

Enhancement - If the DAQ Type is OPC then turn off press enable after the                   second wheel finishes pressing until the first wheel is ready again. 


REVISION:   5.5.15

DATE:       3/5/13

Bug Fix - Unsaved Wheelsets are now added to the automation wheel queue when they are restored.

Bug Fix - Sequence number was not being reset on time if a wheelset was being pressed during a five second window of the reset time.




    DATE:       2/13/13

Bug Fix - When a duplicate CID was found the program would lock up if the component  ID was scanned before hitting the OK in the acknowledge dialog box.

Bug Fix - If remount was selected, the wheelset disposition was still "misfit" after remounting the wheel.

Bug Fix - Version 5.5.13 would not allow turning off any misfit detections.


    REVISION:   5.5.13

    DATE:       1/25/13

Bug Fix - Second hand axles were requiring the axle serial numbers.

Feature - Allow to individually require or not require some axle information

        1. Axle manufacturer Timestamp

        2. Axle Heat Grade

        3. Axle facility code


Enhancement - Logs all 1D barcode scans.

Enhancement - Cleaned up OPC and physical I/O. Now there are properties for the the I/O.

Enhancement - Force wheel manufacturing timestamp to use the hub stamp month and year if manufacturing timestamp is null.

Enhancement - Ability to Export a Wheelset (no bearings) to XML.


    REVISION:   5.5.12

    DATE:       12/6/12

Bug Fix - Fixed quick calibration for two ram presses

Bug Fix – Heat number field was staying red even when CEPM was required

Feature - Rim and finger are now initialized to 0 to allow partial registration.

Feature – Added Rim and Finger reading data entry to the Press Screen


    REVISION:   5.5.11

    DATE:       11/30/12

Bug Fix - Graphs with pressure dips beginning before the entry spike detection width were not getting detected. If they go over 30 tons then start looking for dips.


    REVISION:   5.5.10

    REASON:     Bug Fix - Displayed graph on press screen after going to the history screen

Bug Fix - Axle length OPC tag wasn't getting updated properly

Bug Fix - Component names were not being used on History screen or on the press charts.

Bug Fix - BM Operator and WIP ID were not being saved on history screen.

Bug Fix - History screen was not updating the axle configuration properly

Enhancement - Changing the axle size on the History Screen changes them min and max tonnage lines

Bug Fix – The tape size fields did not turn red when there was a mismatch. This only occurred when scanning.

Bug Fix – The word MISFIT was not displaying on printed reports.


    REVISION:   5.5.9

    DATE:       10/19/2

    REASON:     Bug Fix - OPC tag for misfit was not being set.


    REVISION:   5.5.8

    DATE:      10/15/12

Bug Fix – Chart preferences were not being used. Defaults were used. 


    REVISION:   5.5.7

    DATE:       10/5/12

Bug Fix – Boring Mill Charts were not updating.


    REVISION:   5.5.6

    DATE:       9/17/12

Feature – Added ability to Misfit based on the mounting template.  You can enable this misfit option from the Setup screen.

Feature – Added ability to Misfit on distance variation.  If the mount distance of the first and second wheel varies by more than a specified amount, the wheelset is marked a misfit.  You can configure this misfit option from the Misfit Setup screen.

Feature – Added ability to Misfit on ‘abnormal’ graphs.  You can configure this misfit option from the Setup screen.

Bug Fix – Lookup values marked as Inactive where not being filtered out of the drop down lists.

Bug Fix – On the log on screen, the list of users was not being filtered by shop.

Bug Fix – Fixed several issues related to the colors of required values based on user preference and CEPM Requirements.

Bug Fix – Scanning an Axle barcode was not changing the Alxe Configuration to match the new axle class (body design).  If more than one axle configuration exists for a specific axle class, the first matching configuration will be used.

Enhancement - Filter out incomplete barcode scans that don't parse as XML but still have the '<’ or '>' character.


    REVISION:   5.5.5

    DATE:       7/16/12

    Bug Fix - Wheel Condition C117 was not being saved for 2D barcodes.


    REVISION:   5.5.4

    DATE:       7/10/12

Feature - Updated Min/Max distance misfits to be floating points, instead of integer

Bug Fix - Fixed bug where an error saving the .wpr file in the Tmp folder caused it to be marked as .dup, which means it will never get saved. Now, if an error occurs we leave the file in the Tmp folder and try again next time.



    REVISION: 5.5.3

    DATE: 6/12/12

Bug Fix - Swapped priority of WIP and CID when scanning. Now if CID Matches then it is used first.


    REVISION: 5.5.2

    DATE: 6/12/12

    Feature – Bore sizes mismatching do to prevent you from saving the wheelset.

Feature – Allow double quotes in the bore size field even though it is inconsistent with S-920 because some wheel manufacturers put it in.  


    REVISION: 5.5.1

    DATE: 6/12/12

Removed database backup

Added support for two rams

Added Templates on the press screen


    REVISION: 5.5.0

    DATE: 6/1/12

    Major re-write to become compliant with S-920 and CEPM