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Our Products

Shop Manager

Shop Manager™ is the productivity powerhouse of the Wheel Shop Management Suite.
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Wheel Press Recorder

The Wheel Press Recorder (WPR) is the flagship product of our Wheel Shop Management Suite.
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Print Shop

Labels and data format conform to AAR CEPM specification S-920 and customizable field locations.
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Bearing Tracking Station

Our Bearing Tracking system provides a fast and efficient method for collecting CEPM required informaton.
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Universal Press Recorder

The Universal Press Recorder (UPR) is a computerized system for recording pressure and more.

Outbound Tracking System

The Outbound Tracking System tracks the wheelset as it leaves your facility, giving you traceability and accountability.

Wheel Press Gage

The Wheel Press Gage is a cost effective replacement for existing paper chart wheel press recorders such as the Ashton Gage.

Misfit Tracking System

The Misfit Tracking System tracks demounted wheels according to AAR Rule 1.4.1 traceability requirements.

Turn Tracking System

The Turned Tread Tracking system makes it easy to record CEPM required information.

Final Inspection Station

Enter and validate all CEPM required fields in one place.

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